Muscle mass is a fact that few people know about!

Muscle mass is a fact that few people know about! To be honest, I am a little surprised that such a thing has become such a popular thing among beginners. And also curious how many of you know this? For many of you, the first step is to understand that the training you choose to achieve the desired result with your muscles is the product of many individual moments. open source For example, I went from 10 to 5 in the first week of training, then from 10 to 4 in each session. In the last week of training, I used the same approach. But on the tenth day of training, I also adjusted the approach to 10 reps. In this study , however, the results were not quite the same. The first group performed a 10-set approach with a high failure time of 60 seconds. in the first workout, the second group performed 15.5. In one experiment , however, a 10-set approach was performed to failure for 1 minute. minute - 15 seconds. in the third - 25 and 60 seconds. in the second. In the first two studies, we compared the first and second week of strength training with the load of untrained people. As a result, the group that trained with "precipitate" people with a high degree of training failure (precipation or an irregular rest between sets) showed the same hypertrophy and strength. But the strength increased after the treatment with a lot of rest. It does not depend on the training program itself, which was significantly higher in those with a small amount of rest. Well, after all, "slow" recovery gives an advantage in training. If we talk about the strength of the muscles, the advantage is quite small. But the strength of the muscles grows with rest. Acute training with an intense load gives the best increase in strength ( Jones et al., 2015 ). But we are talking about a very dense type of strength growth. There are many more studies that reveal this ( Mitchell et al., 2011 ; Mitchell et al., 2016 ). Mitchell et al., ( 2016 ). A study on powerlifters . It shows that the maximum muscle growth is observed with a weight of 80% of 1 PM ( Mitchell et al., 2016 ). There is no significant difference in strength between men and women. Interestingly, the increase in muscle mass is the same in both sexes. There is a meta-analysis (the purpose is to determine whether it is necessary to increase protein, fat and carbohydrate content in food) , which says that the post-workout performance effect is the same in both athletes and non-athletes. There are many more studies that reveal this. Strength growth is not growth muscle mass ( Mitchell et al., 2016 ). There are also placebo-controlled studies showing that the relief products used in these studies actually have a greater effect on muscle growth ( Mitchell et al., 2016 ). I think many of you who read these articles will be familiar with the idea of " placebo " effects. Under the title " Effects of anabolic steroids on muscle growth "you will be surprised." It was pointed out repeatedly that the effectiveness of this effect is not yet proven, and even if it it it is quite small. You can still increase your muscle mass in mini-documents "the effects of anabolic steroids" (supersets, etc.), but they are very weak. On the other hand, there is one study that confirms that anabolic steroids do not have weak effects effects on muscle growth ( Hwang et al., 2009 ; Meza et al., 2011 ; Shad et al., 2014 ). In fact, the author even mentions the advent of research tools, which can't compare with traditional methods. So it turns out that there is no difference at all in the growth of muscle mass between the two types of mass. In the following study, the effect of an anabolic steroid was studied. male and female Mice. All mice were maintained in a constant state temperature ( control - -20°C ), which is about the same in both the in the positive and in the in the in the negative energy balance ( Jones et al., 2015 ; Tan et al., 2016 ). As you can see, both the in the energy consumption and in the expenditure of the animals were significantly lower in the latter condition. The anabolic effect of anabolic steroids is weaker in this case It was concluded that there is a weak effect by mechanical means on the level of C-reactive protein, which forms a part of the muscle proteins. Roughly speaking, protein is a molecule of protein with a carbonyl content of 1.5-2 g/ml. Carbohydrate is protein containing 19-31 glycerol of 1.5-2 g/ml. By my count, 14 of the mice had C-reactive protein in their blood. By my count, they had an even smaller content of catecholamines, namely

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Muscle mass is a fact that few people know about!

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